NeuroStar TMS Results With Affiliated Family Counselors

In case you have not heard the buzz going around about NeuroStar TMS Treatments, TMS stands for Transcranial magnetic stimulation, which uses a targeted pulsed magnetic field, similar to what’s used in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. It is a non-invasive treatment that is done while the patient is awake and alert. NeuroStar TMS Therapy stimulates areas of the brain that are underactive in depression.

Don’t believe us? Here are some quotes from previous patients of ours that have given us permission to anonymously share their experience with NeurStar TMS Therapy at our office.

” Before TMS Treatments all I would think about was when can I go to bed. After receiving the NeuroStar TMS Therapy treatments I caught myself smiling while driving to my treatment sessions. I felt a lift off my body. The darkness wasn’t so overwhelming and I feel lighter.”

“Prior to the treatments I was lacking motivation to even get out of bed, everything was a struggle. After receiving the NeuroStar TMS Therapy treatments I feel a lot more hopeful. I’m nowhere near where I was emotionally when starting the treatments.”

“Before TMS Treatments I felt very depressed and anxious. I feel as though the treatments have improved my mood, sex drive, and energy level. I feel depressed / anxious far less frequently.”

“Before receiving treatment I felt very hopeless, down, and depressed. I was in bed A LOT. The treatments have given me hope and has helped my depression tremendously. I honestly feel like NeuroStar TMS Therapy Treatments have given me my life back.”

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