10 Tips To Get You Out Of Bed

There are just some days you don’t feel like getting out of bed. There are many psychological reasons why a person may not have the energy or motivation to get out of bed. We are going to go over ten tips and tricks to get yourself up and going once you wake up in the morning.

  1. Break your goals into steps
    If a deadline is coming up and you’re getting anxious about a particular task causing you not to want to get out of bed, try to split your morning and day into manageable steps. Do not focus on all of your tasks or duties that you have to get done. First, you should concentrate on getting up, using the bathroom, getting dressed, and so on. You could also try to write tasks down as a list and cross them off as you complete them. The sense of achievement can help you feel motivated.
  2. Get a pet
    Studies have shown that interacting with pets dogs, in particular, has a positive effect on stress, feelings of loneliness, and anxiety. It could also encourage you to exercise, but it is essential to keep in mind that a pet should only be considered if you can commit to caring for an animal.
  3. Be accountable to someone
    Friends and family members can help you find a reason to get out of bed. Try making plans with a family member or a friend to keep yourself accountable to someone. Make arrangements to exercise, meet for coffee or lunch, carpool to work, or to talk to each other on your way to work or school every morning.
  4. Focus on a feel-good event
    Focusing on an event that makes you feel positive can help keep you motivated. Instead of thinking of negative events that happened during the day, focusing on the positive can help keep you motivated and bring you pleasure. This can include thinking of the post-exercise feeling, the first sip of morning coffee or tea, a delicious breakfast, or even a friendly greeting.
  5. Visualize successful moments and day
    Remembering successful moments in your life can help give you the motivation to get up out of bed for the day if you are finding it hard to get up.
  6. Brighten up the room
    Dark rooms are suitable for sleep and, in turn, can make you sleepy. If you are having troubles with getting up in the mornings, try turning on a bright light or open up your blinds or curtains when your alarm goes off in the morning.
  7. Turn on some music
    Studies have shown that music can change a person’s mood. A person who uses music for meditation may find that it helps them relax or fall asleep. Someone who uses music when exercising or as a mood booster throughout the day find that turning on their music when they first get up in the morning can motivate them to get going.
  8. Fill up the calendar with things to do
    Getting up and spending time with friends or family can have a positive effect on someone’s mood. It could be as simple as meeting for a meal or going out to a concert or movie. Events can give you something to look forward to that can push them through their day-to-day feelings of negativity.
  9. Do not stress about daily tasks
    To-do lists can be overwhelming to look at, especially first thing in the morning. Try not to worry about getting it all done if this is stressing you to the point you don’t want to get out of bed. Do whatever you can and remember that tomorrow is a new day to accomplish things. You can prioritize tasks that you know are possible to complete to get them off of your list.
  10. Plan to spend time outside
    Being outside can help you feel energized. Fresh air and sunshine can improve your mood, so try to spend a little bit of each day walking, reading a book, or doing other activities outside. It has been said that exposure to green space can help replenish yourself and reduce mental fatigue and stress.

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