Welcome Keith!

Keith McCann, LCPC

We are very happy to welcome Keith into our team! Keith is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.

From Keith:

“I approach life’s challenges with a focus on specific goal setting, defining relevant behaviors, measuring outcomes, and accepting personal accountability. I believe that each of us writes our story by the decisions we make. The more decision-making tools we have the better the story we write.

I have always felt privileged to be present with others when they are seeking new outcomes for their lives. I hope to bring a background of varied experiences and assist those who seek a new chapter for their story.

I understand that it is difficult to see how the decisions we make change out story when we are looking through the lens of our personal challenges. These often involve things such as the following: trauma, substance abuse, aggressive tendencies, depression, anxiety, psychosis, unstable mood, poor boundaries, fear of change, and overwhelming feelings.

It is tempting to see some of these as greater challenges and others as lesser challenges. The reality is, that any obstacle to achieving your goal is significant in your life. Whether this is a question of simply gaining a new perspective or of taking a new approach to life and relationships, I believe that I can benefit you in addressing your needs. I bring diverse experiences to the process.

I began my career working with those in crisis. I was a member of an ambulance crew at the age of 18. When I started college, I moved into working in mental health. This was largely with teenagers in crisis. When I returned from school, I began working with law enforcement and with those who have challenges related to anger and aggression. More recently I have worked in crisis intervention. This has been in community and hospital settings, and as a mental health consultant to law enforcement.

In my thirties I returned to school. In 2008 I completed a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling and a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. While in school I began working extensively with athletes. I worked as a trainer for both professional and amateur fighters as well as with people who were working to develop overall athletic discipline. Much of my work during this time involved continued work with teenaged and college-aged students. I developed a strong skill set in helping manage the challenges, and specific needs, that this group faces.   

Since becoming a licensed therapist, I have continued to work with those who have challenges related to managing anger, aggression, and violent tendencies. This has often involved helping them understand their own needs and understanding the rights of others.

You may feel overwhelmed and at a critical point in your life. You may feel that you need some direction or help making a decision. You may feel that you need to change directions in life. You may feel that it is time to address something that you know has been an obstacle for too long. I would like the opportunity to help you address your needs.

I have been fortunate. I have had the opportunity to help others clear obstacles from their lives so they can have a better path to achieve their goals. I am grateful for this ongoing opportunity.”

Call us at 316-636-2888 to get scheduled with Keith!

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