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Social Media & Mental Health

Social media started as a way to makes loved ones who live far away feel close and helps us reconnect with old friends. It helps us see the good things that happen in our world and helps us feel like we are not alone. However, we can all agree that just like there is an […]

What Are Defense Mechanisms In Psychology?

Defense mechanisms are the way your mind copes with stress or difficult feelings. They are unconscious mechanisms, which means that you use them without realizing it. They can be a positive way to deal with stress, but other times they will not help you avoid difficult emotions or excuse unhealthy or antisocial behavior. Recognizing your […]

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB)

Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) is a set of disorders categorized by self-grooming routines that essentially go awry. It can include pulling, picking, biting, or scraping one’s hair, skin, or nails. These disorders include trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling), dermatillomania that is also called excoriation disorder (compulsive skin picking), and onychophagia (compulsive nail-biting). It affects at least 3 […]

Mental Health Day For Students TED Talk

Check out this video of Hailey Hardcastle talking about why she thinks it is important for students to be able to take off for mental health days. We have providers here at Affiliated Family Counselors that specialize in the treatment of children, pre-adolescent, and adolescent groups and a wide variety of issues. You can request […]

Does Family Counseling Have Any Benefits?

The point behind family counseling is to aim to address psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues that causes family problems. It helps to develop and maintain healthy relationships. It can help with: developing healthy boundaries improving communication defining someone’s role within the family improving family dynamics and relationships providing strength and coping tools for family members […]

Are We All OCD Due To COVID-19?

The most common obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is the fear of contamination and excessive hand-washing. Years ago it was viewed as “weird” if someone went out in public with gloves and a mask, excessive use of hand sanitizer, and excessive hand washing. With the pandemic that is going on right now, most of those actions are […]

11 Useful Stress Relief Products

Stress relief products can help with the everyday challenges of life. They can make it easier to live with anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Please keep in mind that these are not suitable substitutes for proper mental health care. They can help with self-care, but if you have substantial concerns regarding your mental […]

10 Ways To Get Better Sleep

The COVID-19 pandemic has created more stress and anixety is people which can lead to insomnia even in people who do not usually suffer from it. Poor sleep can put a person at risk of obesity, reduces immunity, impairs job performance, memory, and other functions. Here are 10 doctor recommended tips on how to get […]

Self-Help Tips For Panic Attacks

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has begun, anxiety and panic attacks have continued to increase. Some anxiety about our current situation is absolutely normal. Anxiety is one of the most functional emotions we have as humans. It is like a built-in alarm system that helps keep us safe and warn us of danger by sending signals […]

7 Coping Tips To Stay Mentally Healthy During COVID-19

COVID-19 not only took some of our loved ones from us, but it has also taken our sense of normalcy since the pandemic started. The other issues it has created include job loss, financial strain, social isolation, loneliness, and a long list of other complications it has brought on the world. It can be a […]

10 Things College Students Can Do To Improve Their Wellness & Avoid Burnout

Most colleges are starting to realize the importance of wellness and recognize the need to expand the traditional mental health and counseling services to include wellness as a prevention strategy. Wellness Define what well-being looks like Well-being is defined as feeling good and having a positive outlook on things. Reflect on your everyday strategies that […]

9/11/2001: How The Pain Stays With Generations

Featured Image: https://www.stjamesplantation.com/coastal-community/911-we-remember/ Check out We Shall Never Forget poem by Alan W Jankowski: https://www.stjamesplantation.com/coastal-community/911-we-remember/ Do you remember where you were when the terrorist attacks happened on September 11, 2001? The attacks were the worst acts of terrorism on American soil to date. Over 60% of Americans watched the attacks occur on live television or […]

Here Is Why Uncertainty Feels So Terrifying

With everything opening back up after most states had shut down main government buildings and non-essential businesses, the future has many people on edge thinking about “What now?” As life continues during the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still so much we don’t know about the virus. People ask, “will things ever go back to normal? […]

Is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria Real?

You may be asking yourself “what is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD)?” Well, some individuals feel the sting of rejection much more intensely than others and have an exaggerated fear of being rejected by others around them. These people are high in a trait known as Rejection Sensitivity. Some people with Rejections Sensitivity may see cues […]

20 Ways To Be Happier In 2020

With everything negative going on in the world, it can be a challenge trying to stay positive. It can be hard to prioritize your emotional wellness, and your mood can affect everything from relationships, work, and self-care. You may think it is an impossible task, but there are habits you can implement that can get […]

Feel Anxious About Supermarket Trips? Try These Tips

It is a strange time in our world due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Going to the supermarket may spark some severe anxiety for people, seeing customers wearing masks and gloves to buy food; nothing feels “normal” right now. As if that wasn’t enough to drive someone with anxiety to not wanting to leave their […]

7 Days Of Mental Health Challenge

Rates of depression, loneliness, and anxiety are rising, and tending to our mental health is essential. The key is to start small. Some studies show that setting small goals can be a useful way to take on new challenges. Whether it is adjusting our behaviors, getting more sleep, spending time with friends, taking a break […]

10 Ways To Do To Start Your Day Off Better

Do you ever feel like your day was rushed since you woke up? Snoozing your alarm, skipping breakfast, and rushing yourself out of the door can make the rest of your day feel chaotic. That is because the tone of your morning will determine the tone of the rest of your day, so planning ahead […]

Welcome Lyndsey!

We want to welcome Lyndsey Buseman to the AFC team. Lyndsey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with an array of client topics, some of which include: empowerment, self-care, coping strategies, wellness, body image, self-discovery, disordered eating, stress, attachment, relationships, trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, maternal mental health, infertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum […]